Instructions for use Handset


Step 1.  Shave before use!

Step 2. Put the plug of the handset in the wall socket. (Note: The Handset does not work without being connected to the charging cord)

Step 3. Then press the on / off button on the back of the handset (the button turns green and blinks when the plug is in) Vyou just have to press it and it will stop blinking.

Step 4. By pressing the green button you can adjust the positions: there are 5 different positions. (settings go from low to high, the higher the position, the better the result) It is important that you attune to the position that feels best for you.

Step 5. If you then press the large white / pink button with the gold border, the handset will start flashing. A flash comes every time you press. You can also hold down the white button for a few seconds, then release. Then the handset will flash automatically every time you touch the skin without having to press the white button. (make sure you hold the handset directly to the skin or it will not flash)

Step 6.  If you want to switch off the handset, hold the green on / off button.


The Handset is suitable for the following skin tones:

Tip: Use the Handset constantly 1-2 a week to get quick results.